Fortnight is suing Apple and Google for removing the game from stores


It all started when Epic, the company behind Fortnite, announced a special discount for players who play the game on a smartphone: a 20% discount on all in-game purchases – as long as they pay directly to the channel and not Google or Apple.

Google and Apple’s response was not long in coming: the move, which goes against the agreements companies have with developers who use their stores, has led companies to remove the game from their stores.

But that, too, Afik was prepared for, and within hours of Apple and Google’s decision, it filed a lawsuit in court seeking to force Apple to return the game to its stores, claiming that “downloading the game is another example of Apple’s excessive use of its power to impose irrational and illegal restrictions. On its monopoly the apps market in iOS “.

The channel also filed a lawsuit against Google, in which it stated: “In 1998, Google was established with a unique motto: ‘Do not be evil’. Twenty-two years later, Google treats this motto with disapproval, as an afterthought. , And uses its power to be vicious against competitors, inventors, customers and users. ”

In addition to the legal action, Afik started a viral campaign under the name #FreeFortnite. As part of the campaign, the company created a parody of Apple’s famous “1984” ad and turned it against the company:

Afik’s move comes at a time when Apple is being investigated for anti-competitive behavior in Europe and the US, adding pressure and problems to the company at a sensitive time.


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