Formula 1: Lewis Hamilton once again won and set a record in the home race


The world champion won the British Grand Prix for the seventh time and increased his advantage in the drivers’ rankings, after his teammate Mercedes retreated from second place to 12 with two laps to go.

Walla! sport

Protest photos of Lewis Hamilton and Formula 1 drivers (Reuters)
The protest also continues. Lewis Hamilton alongside Sebastian Raspberry (Photo: Reuters)

Walter Butas, a member of the Mercedes team, tailed at Hamilton all the way, but in the 50th lap out of 52 he had to get into the pit stop due to damage to one of the wheels and retreated to 12th place. Max Verstappen Rebel Bull jumped to second place and Charles Leckler set up a second Ferrari podium this season when he finished third. Daniel Ricciardo came in fourth (a season-high for him) and Ando Norris came in fifth.

Driver rating (after four races):

1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes, UK) 88 points
2. Walter Butas (Mercedes, Finland) 58
3. Max Verstappen (Red Bull, The Netherlands) 52
4. Lando Norris (McLaren, UK) 36
5. Charles Leckler (Ferrari, Monaco) 33


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