Former minister Atzo Nicolaï puts down work to deal with illness Financial


In several Balkenende cabinets, 60-year-old Nicolaï was first State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and later Minister for Administrative Reform and Kingdom Relations. Nicolaï was also a director of the Dutch branch of the chemical group DSM for many years.

Rotterdam Port

Nicolaï also resigns his chairmanship of the Rotterdam Port Promotion Council (RPPC) promotion organization. Last week it became clear that he has a very aggressive cancer that can no longer be treated. Nicolaï held the positions since January 1 this year.

Deltalinqs director Bas Janssen says that there is not yet an active search for a successor. “We are now doing nothing out of humanity. We have good governance and two vice-chairmen, so there is no immediate need now to find a successor. ” He expects to start the follow-up procedure in a few months.


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