For this reason, the players are in the final of De Slimste Mens


In the last round of the knowledge quiz, the two contending finalists usually take place on two crutches while Philip Freriks bombard them with questions. But since the arrival of comedian Fabian Franciscus, everything is different: everyone is standing.

‘Better blood flow’

During the first standing final Philip did not yet give any text and explanation, only that the final battle was played like that at the request of Fabian. On both feet, Francis effortlessly beat Huub Stapel as a newcomer, who was known as a routine after five episodes. A day later Fabian was again literally and figuratively in the final. Now Freriks explained that standing up has a better blood flow and so (in theory) you can think better.

Bloody nervous

The autistic Fabian himself gave another reason for his request: he is extremely nervous and can handle the nerves better if he can stand calmly. The striking comedian did not do any harm, in his second day final he started as an underdog with 235 seconds against opponent Dave Budha’s 361. With relentless precision, however, he gave so many correct answers that the rapper was soon lost.


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