For the first time in Israel: a national program for the treatment and support of young people with cancer


Yesterday, the national program for the treatment and support of young people with cancer in Israel was launched for the first time. The program for young people with cancer, who are treated in the oncology system at Rambam, was established about a year ago in collaboration with Halasartan of the Tal Center Association (established by Zohar and Yankele Jacobson) in order to help address the unique challenges during the disease and treatment. Response within the hospital while maintaining a treatment sequence tailored to young people. The purpose of the program is to provide information and professional advice regarding the unique needs of young people with cancer.

As part of the service of the youth program, professional meetings and workshops are held in which up-to-date professional information in the various fields is provided. In a meeting held at the oncology department at Rambam with the participation of representatives of the largest oncology institutes in Israel (Prof. Irit Ben-Aharon-Rambam, initiator and director of the program, Dr. Naama Halpern-Sheba, Dr. Sharon Peles-Ichilov, Dr. Hadar Goldwasser – Beilinson) and representatives of the Halasartan project of the Tal Center Association, were presented the results of the program’s activities for young people, which has been operating in the oncology system at Rambam for about a year, in order to implement the program at the national level in all major hospitals.

The program at Maimonides, whose results are also evaluated in research, includes a nurse who coordinates young people and touches on a wide range of areas, including social aspects, emotional state, cognitive function, functional rehabilitation, relationships, sexuality and body image, fertility, menopause / androposis and more. The desire is very high among the patients, and continues to expand continuously, as part of which a young patients’ council is held periodically, which contributes to the design of the program’s activities in consultation with the patients themselves.

In addition, as a result of a survey conducted by members of the Halasartan community, the need arose to create a meeting between new patients and friends who have recovered. Thus, for the first time, a recovery representative from the Halasartan community joined the program, whose role is to make available to the new patients the variety of digital tools that community members provide for the benefit of the patients’ unique needs.

The event was attended by Prof. Irit Ben-Aharon, director of the Rambam Oncology Institute and director of the oncoyoung program – the program for young people with cancer in collaboration with Halasartan; Dr. Naama Halpern, oncologist, director of the youth program at Sheba Medical Center; Dr. Sharon Peles, oncologist and director of the youth program, Ichilov Medical Center; Dr. Hadar Goldwasser, oncologist, director of the youth program at Beilinson Medical Center; Svetlana Namtsov, Nurse Coordinator for Young People, Rambam Oncology Institute; Reut Markowitz and Dana Rubin – Personal Accompaniment, Sheba Medical Center; Osnat Cohen – Nurse Coordinator for Young People, Beilinson; Itai Lahav, Coordinator for Young People – Rambam; Dr. Tal Goshen-Lego, Director of Translational Research, Rambam Oncology Department, Miki Halbertl, Rambam Director, Shira Kuperman, CEO of Halasartan, Tal Center Association, and Michal Bar-Doron – VP of Halasartan – Center Association Dew.


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