Football Manager 2021 is going to look slightly different than planned



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In a letter / blog on the Football Manager website, Miles Jacobson states that Sports Interactive has had a difficult year. You can read this letter here. We have already highlighted the most important elements.

Miles says that the company has been able to show its charisma more recently by participating in various bundles and, for example, by offering free advertising opportunities to mental health care. In addition, staff have recently been hired instead of fired.

Working from home in this and the coming period has shown that work is easier to get done when one is in close physical proximity. This also has an effect on Football Manager 21. In addition, there is also a lot unclear about next year in the football world. With this lack of knowledge it is very difficult to create a good simulation game. Don’t worry, Miles reports, the games will come later this year. They will only get other features than he hoped in January.

He closes the blog with an appeal to all fans to wait. A lot of great things are coming up and he hopes that we will give the developer some time.

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