Football in corona crisis: Another Feyenoord player infected


Playing football during the corona crisis: is that possible or not? Opinions on this are divided. The question is also what is involved in playing football during this period. In this weekly overview you can follow the latest news and opinions about football in the corona crisis.

Monday, August 10

Another Feyenoorder infected

Another Feyenoorder has been infected by the corona virus, it reports Algemeen Dagblad Monday evening. On Sunday, the club still played against Sparta Rotterdam, but according to club doctor Casper van Eijck, the player in question was not contagious at the time. As always, which player is affected will not be disclosed due to his right to privacy. A Feyenoord player was already in quarantine since Friday and it is suspected that contact with him caused the infection.

“ No fans for Bundesliga duels for the time being ”

In Germany, they do not seem to be planning to allow supporters in Bundesliga duels for the time being, it writes Algemeen Dagblad. The health ministers of the federal states in Germany do not see it as one of the top priorities during the corona crisis. The German Football Association’s plan was in order, but other issues are prioritized. It can also provide gathering at cafes and restaurants. ‘That probably means that there will be played without an audience at least until October 31.’

Champions League match Atl├ętico will continue as usual

The quarterfinals between Atl├ętico Madrid and RB Leipzig in the Champions League will continue on Thursday despite two corona infections at the former club, it reports. Algemeen Dagblad. Two employees tested positive for the corona virus and according to Spanish media, these are players. The positively tested persons have been quarantined. Other club employees must be retested.

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