Following the incendiary balloons: The Kerem Shalom crossing will be closed starting tomorrow morning


Following the directive of Defense Minister Bnei Gantz, it was decided today (Monday) to close the Kerem Shalom crossing, starting tomorrow morning (Tuesday). This follows the continued inflating of incendiary balloons from the Gaza Strip into the territory of the State of Israel. The Kerem Shalom crossing will be closed except for the entry of essential humanitarian equipment and fuels.

The decision was made after security consultations and in light of repeated terrorist acts by terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip against Israeli citizens that violate Israeli sovereignty.

The IDF said: “The inflating of incendiary balloons and the violation of security calm will, first and foremost, harm the residents of the Gaza Strip, the development of the economy and attempts to improve the civilian situation of its residents. The IDF and the State of Israel will respond firmly and rigidly to any violation of our sovereignty and our citizens.

“Hamas bears responsibility for everything that is done in and out of the Gaza Strip towards Israel, and it will bear the consequences of the violence perpetrated against the citizens of Israel.”


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