Following incendiary balloons: Ganz ordered a reduction in fishing space in Gaza


Other members of the security establishment explained that the balloons were inflated against the background of the deteriorating economic situation in the Gaza Strip, and a demand by Hamas to promote economic projects. “The messages conveyed to Hamas were very clear: we are not responsible for the Qatari money issue but only oversee its transfer.” They added that “in our estimation, they should receive the money in about two weeks.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hamas and Islamic Jihad against continuing to launch incendiary balloons into Israeli territory, and said yesterday that “there will be a very heavy price for balloon terrorism and we will charge a high price for it.” He added that “we will take this very seriously and you will see the results very quickly, but more importantly, Hamas and Islamic Jihad will see the dire consequences.” Defense Minister Bnei Gantz also referred to balloon terrorism, saying that if Hamas does not stop launching incendiary balloons from the Gaza Strip, Israel will respond strongly.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said this morning, following the IDF attack on the Gaza Strip, that “continued escalation indicates that Israel continues to commit its crimes, but they will not deter our people.” In order to destroy the lives of the residents and isolate them geographically, socially and politically, it cannot be accepted in reality and it is not possible to continue to remain silent about it. “


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