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The Kentucky Fried Chicken in Utrecht asks people who want to eat their meal inside for their name and telephone number. This is because this is mandatory according to the latest guidelines from the RIVM and the national government. However, people who take their order outside do not have to leave any details.

Asked for a response, KFC said “We have to comply with the latest RIVM and government guidelines and that means that we are obliged to request contact details of people who want to eat in the restaurant. That is why you had to leave them with us. We hope for your understanding. ”

According to KFC, the directive apparently only applies to visitors who continue to eat inside, and not to visitors who take their order. However, if we take a look at the website of the national government, the rules for both inside and outside state the following:

  • As of August 10, it is mandatory in the catering industry to ask visitors to register for source and contact research by the GGD in the event of an infection.
  • Guests register on a voluntary basis
  • Data may only be used for source and contact research

We can therefore conclude that the directive also applies to people who collect their order and take it home, and not only to guests who want to eat their order on the spot. Or the KFC must be of the opinion that people who collect their order cannot be or become infected by the virus, that is of course also possible.

Update 4:24 PM
Apparently quite a few different interpretations of the concept are possible, whereby no registration appears to be necessary. According to the Association of Professional Fryers, collectors are exempt from (voluntarily) leaving data behind, which is logical somewhere if you pull a snack from the wall somewhere. However, at a Fast food restaurant such as the KFC described in the story above, or any McDonald’s or Burger King, where the visitor flows are mixed and spend longer with each other, the question is whether the said chains fall under the ‘frying scheme’ ‘or under the restaurant arrangement. That question has now been submitted to the Ministry of Economic Affairs, to which we were referred by the RIVM. As soon as we get a response, this story will of course be continued.

KFC Utrecht (Photo: FOK! / DJMO)


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