Florida corona fire braces for hurricane Isaias


Florida recorded the 7000th corona death this weekend. It is one of the US states hardest hit by the Covid-19 outbreak. Hurricane Isaias is therefore at a very bad time.

Florida authorities have already closed beaches and parks, as have test sites for the corona virus. Evacuations are not yet under discussion, but reception locations are being set up.

Keep a safe distance

And that creates new problems: how can as many people as possible be taken care of, while they also remain at a distance from each other? The temperature is checked at four reception places before people are allowed to enter. And the buses are thoroughly cleaned between trips.

Isaias is expected to arrive on the American coast on Sunday afternoon (Dutch time). During the day, he will then pass by Florida, then continue along the coast of the state of Georgia.

Most importantly, people remain vigilant, “said Governor Ron DeSantis. He says his state is well prepared and has a mountain of protective equipment ready.

At least one dead

Isaias previously lived in the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas. In the Dominican Republic, hundreds of homes were damaged, and floods cut entire villages from the outside world.

At least one man did not survive the arrival of the hurricane here. In Puerto Rico, 35 people had to be saved from the floods. There a woman is still missing after she was dragged by the water.

Last year, Hurricane Dorian also crossed the Bahamas:


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