Flemish Netflix finally has a name: Streamz


Streamz will be the name of the long-awaited Flemish Netflix. When it will go online remains a mystery.
Photo: DPG Media

Little by little, the ‘Flemish Netflix’ takes shape. There is no start date yet, but there is a name: Streamz. The new online platform, a collaboration of DPG Media and Telenet, will include all programs from VTM, Vier and production house Woestijnvis.

There will be no shortage of television this fall. Three days ago, the arrival of three new VTM channels was announced. And on Wednesday DPG Media, the mother house of VTM, made the name of their newest youngster known. In recent months, it has been known as ‘the Flemish Netflix’, an initiative of DPG Media and Telenet.

Flemish Netflix finally has a name: Streamz
Peter Vindevogel becomes the CEO of Streamz.

The streaming service was announced at the beginning of this year, but both companies were sparse with details. After all, the plans still had to be approved by the European Commission. That has now happened and so a new corner of the veil can be lifted. ‘Streamz’ will be the name of the platform. A company of the same name will also be established from 21 September. Peter Vindevogel, longtime head of entertainment and streaming services at Telenet, will become CEO.

Local response

Streamz must provide a local answer to the oversupply of foreign streaming services. Because the initiators are convinced that this is necessary.

“We assume two to three paying subscriptions per family,” said Dirk Lodewyckx, general manager TV, radio & streaming at DPG Media. “And it would be irresponsible if one of them was not Flemish.” All programs from DPG Media (VTM and for a short while Q2, Vitaya & CAZ), SBS (Four, Five, Six), production house Woestijnvis and Telenet Play will be shown on Streamz. For further information it is again groping in the dark. When the platform goes online, no one wants to unload. That should happen this year. If you are interested, you can already pre-register via join.streamz.be.


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