Five-month pandemic: coronavirus in the Netherlands over the months



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On March 12, our government will make a rigorous choice: the Netherlands will go into intelligent lockdown. All events for more than a hundred people are canceled and everyone is called to work from home. In response to this choice, the whole of the Netherlands decides to hoard en masse, resulting in empty shelves.

A few days later, the cabinet announced that schools, sports clubs and catering establishments must close. The existing measures, such as staying at home as much as possible, will be extended until April 6. Later that month, the cabinet will come up with a support package for self-employed people and the whole of the Netherlands will be applauded for the care staff.

On March 23, new measures will be announced: until June 1, all events and gatherings will be banned, there is no longer a lower limit of 100 people. A group ban is also imposed and hairdressing salons and nail technicians are asked to close their doors. At the end of March, Rutte will extend the existing measures during a press conference: everything will remain closed until April 28. For the schools this means that they will remain closed until after the May holidays.

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Passed away: 1.173
Positive tested: 14.697
IC: 1.273

The Netherlands is closely monitoring the number of infections and has left its quarantine at home. In the meantime, a conspiracy theory is emerging that the renewed 5G network would spread the corona virus; a total of fourteen transmission towers are destroyed.

The peak in the number of hospital admissions appears to have passed at the beginning of April. Despite the fact that the cabinet is extending the lockdown measures until 20 May, it provides a positive perspective. Primary schools can reopen after the May holiday and secondary schools will probably be able to resume education from 1 June.

But no tompouce at the neighbors this year: King’s Day changes into ‘Housing Day’. Just when it turns out to be the hottest King’s Day ever. All in all, it will not be a quiet day for the royal family: they make video calls with, among others, the care staff of the UMC in Maastricht.


Passed away: 4.893
Positive tested:

At the beginning of the month, the number of infected people in the ICUs is slowly decreasing. Reason enough for the government to focus on relaxing the measures. Remembrance Day, however, takes on a unique form this year: King Willem-Alexander addresses the people on the extinct Dam. KLM will slowly increase the number of flights from the beginning of May and add new destinations every day. A mouth mask is mandatory on board from 11 May.

From the same day, new relaxations will take effect. The new message is: ‘stay at home if you have complaints’ and later this month this will be ‘avoid crowds’. Groups of ten people are allowed on the street and the visiting schedule for nursing homes is being expanded. Contact professions are also allowed to return to work from 11 May and the primary schools will resume education.


Passed away: 5.962
Positive tested: 46.545
IC: 157

Whit Monday kicks off the relaxation for the catering industry: terraces, restaurants, museums and cinemas may reopen under certain conditions. Secondary schools are also throwing open their doors again after weeks of closure – and to the sigh of many parents.

The new easing will take effect from 15 June: students and employees of secondary vocational education, higher vocational education and university education will be able to go to school slowly again. We are also allowed to visit our family members in a nursing home again. In addition, the cabinet is also working on simplifying the corona measures, in addition to making it more flexible.

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Passed away: 6.115
Positive tested: 50.412
IC: 25

With the end of the intelligent lockdown, July 1 is a memorable day, but the 1.5 meter rule is still the basis. Saunas, casinos and gyms are allowed to reopen their doors. Sex workers are also allowed to resume work. Rutte does call for postponing summer holidays abroad.

Halfway through the month it looks like the number of infections will not decrease, but will increase. It is becoming clear that many Dutch people still leave the house despite their complaints. The doubling of the number of positive tests means that GGDs in Brabant are concerned about the lax attitude of the population.


Passed away: 6.148
Positive tested: 54.732
IC: 22

After a lack of clarity from the RIVM as to whether or not masks are useful, an obligation to mask masks will be introduced on 5 August for busy parts of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The safety regions are conducting an experiment that is independent of the rule of keeping a distance of 1.5 meters.

After a long silence, a press conference will take place on 6 August. Due to the increasing number of infections, mayors and security regions are playing a crucial role in suppressing the virus locally. Introduction weeks of schools are held online as much as possible and hazing is prohibited.

The measures for the catering industry are also being tightened up again: restaurants must keep records of visitors and museums and amusement parks must be closed as soon as too many infections have been detected. In addition, travelers from a high-risk area are required to stay home for two weeks when they return home and be called by the GGD.

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