Five F1 teams want to appeal against Racing Point ruling


11:53 – Four rival Formula 1 teams are appealing the FIA ​​ruling on Racing Point’s copying behavior. Ferrari, McLaren, Renault and Williams all argue for a higher penalty, while Racing Point itself has a different opinion and finds the stamp of ‘guilty’ unjustified. This brings the counter with protesting teams to five. The FIA ​​has confirmed that all teams have expressed their intention to protest and that they have 96 hours to proceed with the process.

Racing Point was initially punished with a fine of 400,000 euros and the surrender of fifteen constructor points. Otmar Szafnauer’s formation has been reprimanded for copying Mercedes brake ducts, more specifically those currently at the rear of the car.

Rivals find Racing Point’s penalty too low
The team has been found guilty, but may continue to use the parts in question in 2020. For example, the decision of the FIA ​​states: “Because the rear brake ducts are in accordance with the technical regulations, it is not realistic to switch from Racing. Point to expect that they will redesign or adapt the brake ducts, because for that they have to ‘suddenly forget’ what they have recently learned. ”

This goes down the wrong way with rivals. They believe that Racing Point is not being adequately punished in this way and that the FIA ​​is sending the wrong signal with this statement: illegal copying apparently pays off. According to them, the punishment is disproportionate to lust. In addition, certain teams, with Ferrari in the lead, want to extend the protest much wider. “It is now only about the brake ducts, but not yet about copying the entire concept. This is just the tip of the iceberg for us and we need more clarification,” said team boss Mattia Binotto on Friday.

Racing Point itself also wants to appeal
While the four rival teams all want a higher penalty, Racing Point itself wants to appeal – on the other end of the spectrum, of course. Team boss Szafnauer already indicated on Friday that he was ‘baffled’ by the statement. He believes that Racing Point does own the intellectual property for the brake ducts and cannot live with the stamp of ‘guilty’. Szafnauer is mainly looking for redress and reparation.

The FIA ​​has announced that all teams have formally announced their intention to appeal on Saturday morning. All formations now have 96 hours to officially push through or cancel the protest. However, since tempers are running high, the latter is not to be expected and the end of this dragging case is not yet in sight.


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