Five employees of the Galilee Medical Center were attacked by a family member of a deceased patient


Five workers from the Galilee Medical Center were attacked by a family member of one of the patients, upon receiving the news of his death in the General and Respiratory Intensive Care Unit.

It should be noted that this is the case of an 18-year-old boy who suffered from a serious illness and was treated with great professionalism and dedication by the care team for seven months. The employees attacked are three nurses and brothers, an auxiliary force, a security guard and the transplant coordinator of Iva Steiner Medical Center, 66, who needed medical treatment in the emergency room after being violently pushed and thrown to the floor. A complaint was filed with the police.

The serious incident occurred last Thursday, with the death of the boy in the intensive care unit. Following the news of his death, a family member suddenly burst out at some of the crew members with beatings and insults. Among other things, she strangled an auxiliary worker, punched one of the brothers in the unit and hit the transplant coordinator of the medical center, who came to ask family members if they would be willing to donate the corneas of their loved one.

Steiner: “It’s a very difficult experience, which I do not wish on anyone. I did not even have time to go to the family to ask what I wanted. I was like a flowerpot for them behind the counter, and they vented their anger on me. I was very lucky, because if I fell two inches Aside, my head was tilted at the counter, and not sure I could speak now. For over 40 years working at the medical center, I have heard of many cases of violence, but I have never experienced it in such a tangible and difficult way as it has now. I would like to thank the medical center management for The warm hug and help I received. “

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The director of the medical center, Dr. Masad Barhum: “This is a very serious case. We have zero tolerance for cases of violence against a treatment team. Our teams work in difficult conditions and during extremely difficult times, and continue to show endless professionalism and dedication. I am confident that the police will know how to prosecute the attackers. ”


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