First publication: Appeal to the ombudsman – opened an investigation against MK Abu Shehadeh for supporting terrorism


Abu Shehadeh served as the guest of honor at the release party of the terrorist Zahar Ali from the Galilee, who contacted Hamas to carry out suicide bombings in Israel.

Last weekend, he was released from an Israeli Arab terrorist who was serving a 16-year prison sentence in an Israeli prison after trying to murder Jews by preparing explosive devices. The person who was the guest of honor at the terrorist’s release party is none other than MK Abu Shehadeh of the Balad, in that Shehadeh violated the Terrorism Law, which explicitly forbids supporting a person who committed a terrorist act or glorifying him.

This is the liberated terrorist Zahar Ali from the village of Kochav al-Hija in the Galilee. Zaher Ali contacted Hamas in order to carry out suicide bombings in Israel. Ali, a graduate of the Hebrew University, was 16 in prison.

A complaint sent by B’Tselem states that the Terrorism Law unequivocally states that any glorification of an act or act of terrorism is a violation of the law, “there is no doubt that Shehadeh who participated in the event for the release of a terrorist must be prosecuted immediately.”

“Issuing certificates of appreciation to convicted terrorists has the potential to support and encourage the two current terrorists to continue such terrorist acts. It also encourages potential killers, knowing that they will be miraculously honored and honored – only” thanks “to the fact that they will kill Jews. “And to fuck and foam.”

In addition, according to journalist Yishai Friedman, MK Sami Abu Shehadeh and former Balad chairman Zahalka also participated in an event honoring the released security prisoner, Anis Spori, who was in prison for planning to carry out attacks.
The Balad party congratulates Spori. In the post, the party praises Spori and describes him as a “hero” and they hope for the release of all the heroic prisoners.


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