First decisions about education leak out: schools start …


Today Minister of Education Ben Weyts (N-VA) will discuss the restart of the schools with the stakeholders of education. There is no problem in itself for nursery and primary education. They can all go back to school. But secondary education is more difficult. We already know this.

Our editors have heard from various sources that the schools will start with code yellow. This means that preschoolers and primary school students will go to school five days a week. Secondary students will have to go to school four out of five days a week. But there is an exception for the first degree. They will be able to go to school full-time again in September.

It is possible that there will be local differences. If municipalities or cities have exceeded a certain threshold, stricter rules may be introduced.

Safety regulations would also be tightened. But it is not yet known what they entail exactly.


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