Fire at car dismantling company Hoogeveen is under control


The fire broke out in a row of eighty to a hundred demolition cars. Exactly how many cars are on fire, a spokesperson for the VRD cannot yet say. According to him it is about ‘several’. The adjacent building could be preserved.

Several fire engines are on site to fight the fire. A special team has investigated whether harmful substances have been released. Whether that is also the case is not yet known. “But smoke is always bad,” said the VRD.

Several roads are closed in the area. The fire brigade has rolled out water hoses on those roads to draw water from the canal further away.


The VRD has issued an NL Alert. A lot of smoke was released during the fire. People are called on not to come to the fire and to close windows and doors. Around noon the amount of smoke started to decrease.

Nobody was injured.

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