Fine BMW driver is multiplied 75 (!) Times after stupid action


In the Netherlands, driving a lot can be a pretty expensive hobby. Still, it is sometimes difficult to hold back, especially now that you can only go at 100 km / h everywhere. It is up to you to determine whether you want to run the risk of a hefty fine. In that area it is better to live in Germany, although you have to be careful what you do there too. A BMW driver recently learned that lesson the hard way.

The BMW X5 driver was fined 1,500 euros after driving too fast. That is quite an achievement, because the fines for speeding in Germany are not very high. What has happened? Had the man missed for a moment that he had switched from an unlimited section of autobahn to a limited section, and was therefore driving way too fast? No, it was only 11 km / h above the speed limit.

Even on the Dutch highways, this error will cost you less than 90 euros. Why then did the BMW driver have to pay 1,500 euros instead of the 20 euros that you normally have to pay for this offense? Well, that was mainly due to the 26-year-old German doing more than just speeding.

BMW fine middle finger 1500 euros
It looks good. (Afbeelding: Police Upper Franconia)

In Germany, the speed cameras take a nice photo from the front. As you can see above, the man is clearly not a fan of flashes. The BMW driver raised his middle finger and that will cost him dear. The Oberfranken police saw this gesture as insulting the authorities and decided to press charges.

The Kulmbach court considered this charge and agreed with the police. This raised middle finger is an insult and decided to impose a hefty fine. The BMW driver has to pay 1,500 euros for an offense that normally costs two decades. That is 75 times more. Good to remember if you ever drive full throttle through Germany again.

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Fine BMW driver is multiplied 75 (!) Times after stupid action


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