Finally: ‘AZ does not accept the current budgets in the Eredivisie either’


Arne Slot takes the commotion that AZ caused by challenging Ajax’s direct Champions League ticket. The trainer sees it as a sign that the Alkmaar club is being taken seriously.

“Actually you can’t get a bigger compliment,” Slot responds in an interview with it Algemeen Dagblad. “Two years ago, everyone would have gone back to normal if AZ were to do something like that. The fact that everyone was working on it and that people immediately started to doubt when we lost 1-0 three times in the preparation, says something.”

AZ refused to accept the KNVB decision to give Ajax the most important Champions League ticket. The protest was unsuccessful, but Slot views it positively. “It is exactly like on the field. We also do not accept the budgets in the Eredivisie as there are,” said the trainer.

“On the field, we have never accepted the prevailing view that we have no chance in the Arena, the Kuip or the PSV stadium. What we showed on the field has extended to the boardroom. see. ”

Slot has spoken once about AZ’s legal battle in recent months, but tried to remain aloof. “I support what the club management has done, but I tried to keep it from me. All focus is on us on August 25, when we play that preliminary round of the Champions League (against Viktoria Plzen, ed.). we are doing the utmost. “


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