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Whether Andrea Pirlo (41) will become a top coach at Juventus, Filip Joos is also curious. “As a player he certainly saw more than anyone else”, says our Calcio expert, who doubts whether Pirlo wants to work with Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Juventus hopes for Zidane effect”

On Saturday evening, Juventus came up with a small surprise: former player Andrea Pirlo succeeds Maurizio Sarri as head coach of the Italian numero uno.

“When Juve made him a promise trainer, chairman Agnelli had also said that Pirlo would hopefully one day coach the first team,” explains Filip Joos. “It didn’t stay long with a lot.”

“With Pirlo, Juventus is now hoping for a Zidane or Guardiola effect. They were not only great footballers, but also thinkers on the field. Barcelona will do that again with Xavi.”

“On the field, Pirlo saw more things than any other player. The maestro seemed to have eyes in his back and always turned perfectly away from his opponent. With such qualities you can make it as a trainer, but there is so much more to it. ”

Andrea Pirlo

Filip Joos: “Andrea Pirlo seemed to have eyes in his back.”

“Is a good horse a good rider?”

“Juventus let Andrea Pirlo skip a few hurdles now,” continues Filip Joos. “They immediately throw him in the water, because he cannot present nobility as a coach.”

“It will almost be the litmus test for Co Adriaanse’s statement. The Dutch coach once said:” A good horse is therefore not a good rider. “We will see that now.”

“Juventus has a big problem: the Italian title seems like an ordinary day at work. As a coach you absolutely have to win the Champions League. Then your head is always on the chopping block.

“In the dressing room they will certainly listen to Pirlo”, Joos knows. “If he doesn’t joke, because Pirlo would have done that more than once in his career. He would not withdraw if toothpaste had to be put into shoes.”

“Pirlo also had a very good relationship with Totti. Remarkable, because Pirlo is a reserved northerner, Totti an exuberant Roman. That is not a technical nobility, but it says something about his qualities.”

Filip Joos

Filip Joos: “Juventus has a big problem: the Italian title seems like an ordinary day at work. As a trainer you absolutely have to win the Champions League.”

“Does Pirlo want to keep Ronaldo on board?”

Whether Andrea Pirlo will work with Cristiano Ronaldo remains to be seen. The Portuguese star player has doubts about his future at Juventus.

“Pirlo wants to keep Ronaldo on board”, Filip Joos wonders. “Hats off for his qualities, but Ronaldo lays such a mortgage on a team.”

“I am almost certain that top coaches like Guardiola will now fit for Ronaldo or Messi. They are too big for the team, they cannot play their game with that.”

Cristiano Ronaldo

Filip Joos: “Cristiano Ronaldo lays such a mortgage on a team.”

“Then Pirlo would rather work with a Sandro Tonali”, Joos thinks. “The young midfielder from Brescia looks like Pirlo, but there are also privateers on the coast.”

‘Inter for example. And that club has an example of Pirlo as coach: Antonio Conte. I am already curious who will choose Tonali. ”

Sandro Tonali

Will Sandro Tonali be the new Andrea Pirlo?


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