Fight on board of KLM aircraft for mask: ‘Hoods, there are children here’


SCHIPHOL – A major brawl broke out on board a KLM aircraft last week. A drunk passenger is said to have refused to wear a facemask, followed by a fight and brawl. Images of that brawl are gone Twitter put.

The images show that good knocking is being distributed in the cabin. A bare-chested passenger seems to be the source of all disturbances. He does not wear a mask, where it is mandatory on KLM flights.

Incidentally, he is not the only passenger who does not wear a mask. According to the poster, the passenger would have been drunk.

At the time of the fight, another passenger shouts, “Cut down, there are children here”. A little later you can see that the bare-chested passenger is pressed to the ground by other passengers in the aisle.

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Two arrests

A KLM spokesperson confirmed this morning that the brawl took place on board an aircraft en route to Ibiza. Two passengers were arrested on arrival on the island. The spokesperson would like to emphasize that security has not been compromised.


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