Fifteen killed after plane overshoots India runway | Abroad


The accident took place during the landing, where the aircraft got into trouble due to heavy rain and a defect in the landing gear. After the crash, dozens of ambulances were immediately deployed. According to the emergency services, bad weather made the rescue operation more difficult.

Air India Express reported that 184 passengers, including ten young children, two pilots and five other crew members, were on the Boeing-737. The lead pilot would be one of the dead. The plane was returning from Dubai. It concerned a repatriation flight in connection with the corona restrictions in other countries.

Repatriation flight

According to CNN, this is a repatriation flight. Passengers would have been on board who had to be brought back because of corona.

Kozhikode is located in the state of Kerala, where severe weather is currently causing a lot of trouble. The heavy rainfall also caused a landslide on a tea plantation, which killed at least fifteen employees. They were taken by surprise in their sleep by the mudslide that swept away their houses. Dozens of people are still missing.


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