FIFA 21 Gameplay trailer shows the first tricks


In a game like FIFA 21, there are several ways to beat your opponent. You can go for tikkie-takkie tactics, but it is also possible to give yourself a chance with an effective dribble.

In the new FIFA 21 gameplay trailer we already see a lot of different new elements that will soon also be included in the game. And the handy thing about the trailer? He already explains how to do different things in the game.

The met of FIFA 21 gameplay

In the FIFA 21 gameplay trailer we see different elements of the game. It all starts with agile dribbling and you immediately get an example of how that is carried out in real football. That way you immediately understand the benefits of the new technology. Another new element is creative runs, a feature that I often use in the PES series. With this you instruct a fellow player to take on a certain walking line. That way you can give a splitting through pass just before the offside to come out only for the keeper.

Positioning awareness is the next element that comes up in the trailer. In addition, certain top players will do certain things, just like in real life. Think of closing holes or freeing in depth. With the new colision system, in-game players no longer have to bump into each other like ragdolls and hit the ground. Finally, there are the fundamentals of football, with which Electronic Arts wants to emphasize that FIFA 21 will work a lot better in width than in FIFA 20. However, that is still a case of seeing, then believing.

Wait a while

FIFA 21 will be released on October 9 and will be available on all available platforms. Do you want to read more about gaming? Then visit our overview page here.

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FIFA 21 Gameplay trailer shows the first tricks


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