Feyenoord fans ignore corona advice and sing during the first open training


At the Feyenoord stadium, Dick Advocaat’s selection completed open training for the first time this season under the watchful eye of 1,800 fans, but things went wrong from the first minute. The players were called onto the field under loud singing and singing was also regularly performed during training.

“It is very simple,” said Rutte earlier about the announced measures for football stadiums. “If we don’t stick to it, the stadiums will close again. So take a horn and whisper ‘hooray’ when your favorite team scores. I understand it’s terrible, but if you sing and shout, the chance of contamination is just very large.”


Immediately after the measures were announced, they were doubted whether they were feasible. “We don’t see it at all. A ban on speaking is impossible. Supporters come there to encourage their team. Football is emotion, just like any sport,” said chairman Fabian Nagtzaam of Supportersvereniging Ajax.

Matthijs Keuning, chairman of Supporterscollectief Nederland, also had his reservations. “We will look at what is possible per club. I don’t think that bells and whistles will be distributed. Fortunately we have all summer to find out with the KNVB how we can safely go to the stadiums, the new competition starts mid-September. ”


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