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The number of Limburgers who had themselves tested for the coronavirus is much lower than the week before. From Monday, July 27 to Sunday, August 2, 3,854 people from Limburg went to a test location of the GGD for a check.
That is 30 percent less than the week before, according to figures from the two Limburg GGDs.
South Limburg
Last week, 2,300 people had themselves tested in the test street in Urmond. Fourteen of them got a positive result and were indeed infected. That is a percentage of 0.61 percent.
A week earlier, 3,094 people were tested in Urmond. Nine of them turned out to be positive.
North Limburg
Last week 1,554 Limburgers were tested for the corona virus in Venlo. Ten of them were actually infected, a percentage of 0.64 percent.
A week earlier, 2,358 people visited the test street in Venlo, six of which were found to have corona.
Nationally, the number of people who had themselves tested for the corona virus also decreased. From Monday, July 27 to Sunday, August 2, nearly 102,000 Dutch people went to a GGD test location. That is 9 percent less than the week before.
Watch coffee grounds
The umbrella organization GGD GHOR Nederland has no explanation for the decline. “That is looking at coffee grounds. We saw the number of people tested increase last month, to our satisfaction. But now the demand is decreasing again, and that is not the intention. If people have doubts about accessibility or availability, we are happy to take those doubts But our call is: keep coming, keep coming, keep coming, “said a spokeswoman.
GGD GHOR The Netherlands expects the decline to continue in the coming week.


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