Few abuses at slaughterhouses during Sacrifice Feast


The NVWA and the police monitor animal welfare and food safety in slaughterhouses during the Sacrifice Festival. “It went well,” a spokesman for the NVWA told RTL Nieuws.

Around the holiday, the agency checks extra because more animals are slaughtered than usual. Among other things, illegal slaughter and hygiene in slaughterhouses were examined.

Illegal slaughtered sheep were found in two places based on anonymous reports. It concerns three sheep in South Holland and six in North Holland. The sheep farmer in South Holland has been fined. There is still an investigation into the dairy farmer from North Holland.

Gagged in trunk

At a slaughterhouse in Utrecht, the slaughterhouse had to be cleaned before slaughter could be resumed. The NVWA also found a violation with a driver who transported two gagged sheep in the trunk of his car.

“We have worked extra intensively with the police this year,” said the spokesperson. “That was a success.” The reports that came in via telephone number 114, the hotline for animal suffering, were investigated in this way.

Register in advance

Slaughterhouses must register in advance to be allowed to slaughter for the Feast of Sacrifice, as animals may be slaughtered without stunning during this period. A total of 46 slaughterhouses did this.

“You may not just slaughter in the Netherlands, you can only do that at approved slaughterhouses. Not everyone can make the neck cut,” says the NVWA spokesperson.

Animals showing signs of life 40 seconds after the carotid artery and trachea have been severed should be additionally anesthetized.


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