Ferrari changes engines of both cars after problems at Vettel


14:15 Ferrari has changed the engines of both cars before the start of the third free practice of the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, after Sebastian Vettel’s power source broke down during the second practice session on Friday.

Shortly before the end of VT2, Vettel had to retire his SF1000 in Copse after his engine broke down and lost full power. Liquid also leaked from the bottom of the Ferrari. Shortly afterwards, the Scuderia already confirmed that it was going to replace Vettel’s engine and return the broken parts to Maranello for analysis. The formal confirmation from the FIA ​​came on Saturday morning, reporting that the four-time world champion has received a new combustion engine, turbo and MGU-H.

Ferrari has also made the same changes to Charles Leclerc’s car. This was done as a precaution, said a spokesman for the Italian factory team. “After the engine in Sebastian’s car broke down yesterday, we also replaced Charles’ power source as a precaution. We can also do this without penalty, because we have not yet exceeded the number of components allowed by the regulations.”

For all exchanged engine elements, Vettel and Leclerc have now started working on the second copy. This means that the Ferrari teammates, as for the MGU-H, turbo and combustion engine, are immediately on the maximum number of copies that can be used this season. Currently, two copies of all elements may be used, but that will change as soon as more races are added to the calendar, which currently consists of thirteen races.

Vettel said he had not received a warning that his engine would fail during the second practice session, which he finished in fourteenth position. “It happened very suddenly,” said Vettel. “We must now see what it is [probleem] but that will probably take several days. The engine must be returned and only then can it be analyzed. ”

Ferrari isn’t the only team to switch engine elements this weekend in the run-up to the second Grand Prix in two weeks at Silverstone. Red Bull drivers Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon have both gotten a new Honda power unit, while a range of other riders have switched some loose engine elements. All new engine parts are of the same specification as those previously deployed as development of the power units is frozen over the 2020 season.


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