Ferrari and Renault confirm appeal, McLaren is not participating


Ferrari confirms it has appealed the FIA’s decisions regarding the legality of Racing Point’s car. Renault has also confirmed that it will participate in challenging the decisions. Attempts by Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff to calm the matter have failed. McLaren has indicated that it will not participate.

The RP20 seems to have sparked quite a legal battle in Formula 1. Racing Point is suspected of improperly copying the car from Mercedes’ W10. The latter team would have played a facilitating role in this, even if this is denied in all keys by, among others, Toto Wolff. Racing Point has been fined 400,000 euros and has to surrender 15 points in the constructors’ championship. In addition, the team was reprimanded for using the offending ‘brake ducts’ last Sunday.

Too mild, according to Ferrari, Renault, McLaren and Williams. The four teams have announced that they are considering an appeal against this decision by the FIA, but now the bullet seems to have gone through the church. Both Ferrari and Renault have announced that they want to continue the appeal, which means that it will be a serious legal war at the ‘International Court of Appeal’ of the FIA.

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has tried to avoid such a legal trench warfare by acting as a mediator between the teams. “I don’t think anyone wants this to go on indefinitely and go to the International Court of Appeal,” the Austrian said. Sky Sports F1. “It will take two months for the case to be settled, lawyers will also be involved. That’s why everyone tries to be pragmatic. I was invited as a mediator between the two groups. They are all very stubborn, but I think we have a little little progress. ”

The attempts of Wolff, who, incidentally, sided with Racing Point, to calm the matter, have therefore yielded little. It goes without saying that more teams will seek affiliation with the appeal. Racing Point can get her chest wet …

UPDATE 9:00 PM: McLaren has indicated that it will NOT participate in the appeal against Racing Point. This while CEO Zak Brown has previously spoken out vehemently about the alleged practices of the pink team. A striking turn.


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