Female Power at the Institute: The New Consultants at the PUA Institute


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Muriel and her husband, who were living in France at the time, booked their first flight to Israel and arrived at the Western Wall. “I wept there in tears and told God that there was no way he was not helping me with this matter. I always dreamed of children and a big family. “Muriel returned to France with high hopes and began hormonal treatment. Within a few months she was absent and since then she has managed to have 12 children, immigrate to Israel, and soon she will also have a grandchild.

Muriel worked as a dentist in the country until she gave birth to her seventh son “and by then it was already starting to get complicated by the combination of work and family. I retired at the peak and focused on raising the children.” Over the years, Muriel has taken a number of courses through the PUA Institute.
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Muriel’s connection with the PUA Institute grew stronger and the institute slowly decided that there were too many personal female inquiries that a woman should answer. “Naturally, all kinds of questions and inquiries come here. There are gray situations where it is not medical or halakhic counseling but more mental, and there are women who feel more comfortable talking to a woman rather than a rabbi. I found myself listening attentively to young brides, women with all sorts of struggles and also single women who are undergoing fertility preservation and simply need guidance and reinforcement in the process, ”Muriel shares.

When her youngest son went up to first grade, Muriel felt it was time to go back to dentistry. “I have already started looking for jobs and seriously examining all sorts of opportunities that came my way, but suddenly Rabbi Burstein suddenly told me” Wait a minute. I’m not willing for you to leave the institute… maybe stay ?! “

However, the PUA Institute was not yet prepared to admit a woman to the rabbinical staff, and it was necessary to exercise caution and sensitivity in order to absorb Muriel properly.

“One day when Rabbi Burstein was debating exactly what standard to give me, Rabbi Lewis – one of the institute’s rabbis, suggested that Muriel attend the staff meetings of the institute’s rabbis, during which they discuss various cases and ways to treat them, until you understand how the institute’s head works. It is clear that when it comes to a halakhic question, I refer the petitioner to the rabbi, “says Muriel, who thus began her overlapping process, which ended in great news – the establishment of a complete female network of counselors who will address petitioners seeking a sympathetic female ear to various matters.

The matter has been successful and today, when I have been here at the institute for over a year, I see the great need for women in a special place like the PUA Institute. Every day dozens of young single women apply to consult and strengthen the decision to undergo fertility preservation, or brides who need answers to personal questions Our dream now is to establish a complete female system that will accompany the women and provide a personal and professional response to the issue of marriage, psychotherapy, contraception and fertility.

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Rabbi Menachem Burstein, who heads the institute, said: “The rabbis of the Pua Institute welcome the joining of the female power to the institute and hope that the matter will gain momentum now. The consultants have been resurrected. Thanks to you, this will be possible! “

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The PUA Institute was established 31 years ago by Rabbi Menachem Burstein with the aim of bridging the world of medicine and advanced research into the world of halakhic jurisprudence for generations in the field of family, to assist all applicants in Israel and around the world in the fields of fertility, gynecology, genetics, family purity and more.

Underlying the activity is the desire to facilitate and simplify the medical and halakhic processes involved in the issue of fertility and the family. To date, more than 100,000 children of about 65,000 couples have come to the world thanks to the institute’s activities.

Every day, the institute receives about 300 inquiries from all over the country from all sectors, which are answered by the institute’s 13 expert rabbis who are skilled in diagnosis, counseling and guidance, out of personal attitude and adjustment to the applicant’s needs and lifestyle in all areas of the family.

The institute is currently launching a recruitment campaign for a number of purposes:

Significant increase in the response at the institute with the opening of a professional women’s response on the subject of marriage, psychotherapy, contraception and fertility preservation.

Establishment of a financial assistance fund for distressed couples to finance fertility treatments.

Opening branches in the north, south and center, which will bring the institute closer to many more couples

Adjusting the structure of the institute to the increasing scope of the number of counseling sessions for couples.
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