“Feeling alive again”: Zion’s hint to our coach


Photo: Sports 5

There is a tendency for close basketball games, naturally, to slow down in the closing minutes. The defenses tighten, the percentages go down and the regular game becomes a one-on-one game. The stars want to save the homeland and because the game is standing and the color is clogged, we are seeing more and more shots from outside. Precisely because of this, need someone like Zion Williamson in the closing minutes. One who knows how to get the ball and put easy points on the board quickly.

In a game that renewed the NBA, the Pelicans were good from Utah throughout the game, but missed 2 of their last 12 shots and the Jazz came out of the tackle and got their hands on the top. This is not something new for New Orleans, which is considered one of the worst teams in the league in ‘closing games’. In the “Clutch” for the Pelicans, there were 38 games this season that are considered close by the NBA’s determination (less than five points five minutes to go). In those games, New Orleans is the third worst in the league in points (7.2), the third worst in percentage from the field (36.6%) and in addition is in last place in the plus-minus category (2.4-4).

Now imagine New Orleans, a young team with no attempt to “kill games” and tell them – “We are sorry, but your star can not play in the closing minutes, he will watch from the sidelines.” As happened with jazz. You can’t really expect such a young bunch to rise like that in moments of truth. Nor can you expect a fuck to be at his best when he sits in his head in the final minutes, he will not be on the floor.

Tonight (Monday through Tuesday), in New Orleans’ 99-109 victory over the Grizzlies, Zion did play in the closing minutes, returning a win in return. When the score was 93:98 for the Pelicans, the clock showed 03:05 minutes to end the game and a second on the 24th clock, Zion scored an important basket while galloping to the ring with his power. Nearly a minute later the rookie scored another important basket in color, and from a nine-yard two-minute lead, Memphis was no longer able to come back.


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