FC Twente director responds to Feyenoord’s corona situation


On Monday it came out that a second Feyenoord player is infected with the corona virus. The players, whose identities are not known, are in quarantine and will miss the game against FC Twente next Sunday. In front of The Tukkers the current situation is no reason not to travel to Rotterdam.

Xandro Schenk, defender of FC Twente, also sees no problem with regard to the contamination: ‘We are all tested before every match and if all the lights at both clubs go green, then in my opinion there is no longer an obstacle to play football. ‘

The general manager of FC Twente, Paul van der Kraan, says that there is contact between the team doctors and security people of both clubs. He also reports that upon arrival at the stadium, his players immediately go from the bus to the dressing room and only come into contact with people who have been tested. “Then you can assume that it is safe to play the match,” the director told Tubantia. As far as is known, no players at FC Twente have been infected with the corona virus.


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