FC Groningen in first exhibition match past Heracles Almelo


Azor Matusiwa was captained at FC Groningen in the first half. The midfielder who frequently indicated that he wanted to leave in recent weeks, was just on the field, just like Deyovaisio Zeefuik.

In addition, newcomer Wessel Dammers started in the base at FC Groningen. Arjen Robben, Ko Itakura and Damil Dankerlui were also missing from the Pride of the North.

The first chances of the match were for Romano Postema. The 18-year-old striker got two imposed chances in the first minutes, but was unable to cash them in.

After that FC Groningen continued to create good football and opportunities, but those possibilities were not spent on Daniël van Kaam, Ramon Pascal Lundqvist and Mo El Hankouri. After almost twenty minutes, Rai Vloet almost gave the visitors the lead, but his shot exploded on the post.

The first half rumbled on a bit and both teams easily balanced each other without becoming really dangerous. Just before half-time, Postema was again close to the opening goal for the Pride of the North. After an excellent cross, low to the ground, from Zeefuik, Postema shot the ball over hard and missed his third big chance of the match.

In halftime, both teams changed almost their entire team. Only goalkeeper Sergio Padt also entered the field after the break. Görkem Can also made his debut in the first team of FC Groningen. It was not long after the break before FC Groningen managed to find the net. Substitute Kian Slor was able to finish easily after Remco Balk put the ball in front of him in the 16-meter area 1-0. Last season, the right-footed left winger came to two premier league matches for FC Groningen. Then he couldn’t find the net.

Pads important

After that, both teams again easily balanced, without really coming up with great opportunities. After 65 minutes, Jeremy Cijntje was close to equalizing on behalf of Heracles. From about three meters from goalkeeper Padt, he hit the ball completely wrong, so that the FC Groningen goalkeeper could easily pick up the ball. Moments later, Padt was again important by keeping Burgzorg from scoring in a one-on-one game.

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In the remainder of the game, not much else happened. Except for a few pinpricks, both teams no longer became dangerous. For example, FC Groningen won the first ‘corona exhibition game’, 1-0 against Heracles Almelo. Tuesday 11 August is the next FC Groningen practice match. Then they practice against FC Emmen on the Oude Meerdijk.

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