‘Fatalities and serious injuries in derailment of’ NS train ‘in Scotland’ | Abroad


The ScotRail train was on its way to Glasgow. ScotRail is a subsidiary of the Dutch Railways through the Abellio company. NS boss Roger van Boxtel called it a horrible train accident in a tweet, possibly caused by a landslide and wished everyone a lot of strength. The British and Scottish Prime Ministers, Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon both spoke of a very serious accident.

The ScotRail train derailed about 25 kilometers southeast of Aberdeen in the municipality of Stonehaven due to unknown causes.

Stonehaven was partly flooded on Wednesday due to heavy rainfall. The cause of the train accident is probably a landslide caused by the severe weather that ravaged the region on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. According to eyewitnesses, the propulsion engine caught fire due to the derailment.


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