Fast ‘has changed’: ‘It’s going very fast’


Hit after hit and then also sign a contract to take the jury seat in The voice: business is doing well. So good that Snelle has bought a beautiful car with a new price of one to two tons. “It is also going very well”, the rapper admits. “I thought spending a lot of money on a car was tough. It’s not a good investment, in general.

Speed ​​fans would have noticed that he has changed. When JayJay asks him afterwards, he answers honestly. “And then I thought: yes, that is the case.

Despite the rapper only been in the music business for a year, he cares less and less about stuff. “I realize that it doesn’t make you happy. But every time I see that car, I think: yes, of all the bad investments you can make, this is the best.”

He also has a subtle message for his colleagues, who, like him, have been affected by the corona crisis. “I’m trying to tell myself it’s luxury problems, aren’t I? I find it very embarrassing to drive an SQ7 and then complain that you’re having a hard time in the corona crisis. I don’t dare.”


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