Farewell party for corona patient who was picked up by an ambulance


In Suriname, more than a hundred people recently attended a farewell party for a person who tested positive for the coronavirus and was collected by ambulance. To the great surprise of the ambulance personnel. The Surinamese minister of health, Amar Ramadhin, also does not understand this behavior of the people.

Ramadhin shared the report of an ambulance driver from the Regional Health Service (RGD) with the general public at the COVID-19 press conference on Friday. To that driver’s surprise, when he picked up the person who had tested positive for admission, he was confronted with a farewell party for the person with music and all.

“I do not understand. We must avoid these things. If we continue like this, we will no longer be able to control it. It seems like people don’t realize how serious the situation is. We are at a critical stage right now. We are already starting to have close to a hundred cases a day. If it continues like this it will no longer be manageable ”, says epidemiologist Radjesh Orie.

The infectiousness of the virus can also cause a number of people at the party, who came into contact with the person tested positive in this way, to become infected.

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