Fans to Adele after new photo: you are unrecognizable


The British singer Adele (32) did not speak for a while, but when she returned to the spotlight, she had undergone a complete transformation. In an Instagram post in October 2019 she wrote: First I cried, now I sweat. Back then, some fans thought she no longer looked like herself. A new photo of Adele is again causing troubled fans.

Fans go wild under the photo about the transformation of the singer. For example, people respond that they think she no longer resembles herself, that she no longer recognizes her and that they liked the ‘old Adele’ better. One person says, “I liked you more when you were a little heavier, but I’m sure you feel better now. And you also look beautiful. ”

Also positive comment

Yet there is also room for positivity: the singer also receives compliments about her new look. People love how she transformed herself and praise her appearance.

In addition, Adele gets support from fans. Someone responds: “You whine that it has changed so much, but how different did you look five years ago?” Or, “Can you just let her live without comment?”

Adele’s new album

The British tabloid The Sun reported a while ago that Adele would be working on a new album. According to sources, she does not do this alone, but she gets help from several acquaintances from the music world. Both singer John Legend and former Whitney Houston producer Raphael Saadiq are mentioned.

“Adele puts her heart and soul into this record, including her feelings after her divorce. She was a fan of Raphael since she was a teenager. She wants her next album to have a lot of soul with a more eclectic sound, ”a source told the newspaper.

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Fans to Adele after new photo: you are unrecognizable


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