Fans do not recognize Adele in new photo: “She will have to feel …


British singer Adele shared a photo on Instagram in honor of the new visual album from Beyoncé. The picture shows the singer at her television, an excerpt from it Black is king. In the comments her fans are apparently only talking about her figure.

“Thank you Queen to always make us feel loved thanks to your art, ”writes the singer in honor of the new Beyoncé album. Adele has praised Queen B several times in the past.

In the comments, no one seems to care about Beyoncé’s new work. Not the stylish marble fireplace, nor the statues Black is king, but the metamorphosis of the singer – with new blonde pelvis – is going to go with all attention.

Meanwhile, it is well known that the actress has lost a lot of weight thanks to diet and intensive exercise, but fans continue to fall from one surprise to another. “I can’t believe this is you,” said one fan in the comments. “This is not Adele, she will have to sing before I believe she is,” another fan writes. “You have always been beautiful, but if you feel better now, then that is positive.”

Still in the comments: “Dropthe collab(Freely translated: let’s get that collaboration together), writes actress Maisie Wiliams – better known as Aria Stark from the HBO series Game of Thrones.

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