False alarm in the Galilee: Suspicion of an Israeli drone


False alarms in the north, during a particularly tense period: Alarms sounded shortly after 8:30 a.m. (Friday) in large parts of the Upper Galilee and the Western Galilee. Alarms were sounded both near the Lebanese border and in areas relatively far from the border such as Sde Meron School, Peki’in and Hurfish. Planes and helicopters were launched, and about half an hour later we were informed by the IDF that these were false alarms.

According to the IDF, the infiltration of UAV into Israeli territory was refuted. In addition, the Home Front Command clarified that no shots were fired at Israel. The alarms sounded in Abirim, Elkosh, Sde Meron School, Hurfish, Netua, Fasuta, Peki’in, Tzivon, Tzuriel, Dovav, Matat and Sasa
Photo: David Cohen Flash 90
In the shadow of tensions on the Lebanese border, Chief of Staff Kochavi decided yesterday not to lower the alert in the north. Israel has been ordered to maintain high alert – despite the difficult internal situation of Hezbollah following the explosion in Lebanon. Hezbollah bA low point in terms of public support for him, and an offensive move that will lead to Israel’s counter-action may only strengthen the criticism against the organization in Lebanon.

However, sources close to the organization claimed that the situation in Lebanon had no effect – and that a response from Hezbollah would arrive in any case.


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