Failure to complete the ‘Passenger Locator’ form risks a fine of 250 euros


Anyone who does not complete the mandatory ‘Passenger Locator’ form before returning to Belgium from abroad risks a fine of 250 euros. That the federal police know. Until now, the police have stuck to a warning during checks, but that is now changing.

Those who have been abroad for more than 48 hours and who return to Belgium must fill in a form online before August 1 before they return. That Passenger Locator Form aims to improve the government’s ability to control coronavirus infections in travelers and protect people at risk.


Completing that form has been mandatory since last Saturday, regardless of which vehicle you are traveling with. However, audits show that many people do not complete the document. VRT reports that during a police check on the French border in Adinkerke, barely 18 of the 50 drivers checked had completed the form.

“We sensitized for several days and informed about the usefulness and why of the form. We find that many people have not done it or do not want to do it. As of today, we are going to take stricter action, because it is really important that the form is filled in, ”says Sarah Frederickx, spokesman for the federal police.

250 euro

The next few days will therefore also be checked at various locations at the border. “You have to fill in the form from wherever you go, even if that zone is green. Suppose that zone turns red later, it is important to know that. You will then be notified so that the virus cannot spread further, ”explains Frederickx. If you enter your details correctly, you will receive a confirmation email with a QR code. Anyone who cannot submit that code risks a fine of 250 euros.


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