Facebook removed three fake profiles, including one that “incited” against Netanyahu


Facebook removed three fictitious profiles that operated in Hebrew, including a profile that published incitement against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – according to the social network’s announcement today (Friday).

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The activity of the profiles Revealed on Twitter yesterday
By social activist Yossi Dorfman, who was also the one who revealed that the profile belonging to “Dana Ron,” which Netanyahu used to demonstrate the online incitement against him, is fake. Following that exposure, Facebook also removed this profile.

The most prominent of the three profiles removed in this round is “Nehorai Yosef”, who posted posts comparing Netanyahu to Hitler, while tagging real activists from the protest against the prime minister, in a way that might create the impression that they are partners or supporters of what has been written. Profiles called “My Father’s Pomegranate” and “Corrupt Hate” were also removed. All of these included various characteristics that indicate that these are fictitious profiles, including a username different from the name in the profile address, a mismatch between the personal details (for example, a profile picture of an old man when the year of birth in the profile is 1976), fewer members or increased activity just after posting the problematic post .

Screenshot of one of the removed profiles Facebook screenshot

Facebook responded: “Our global team investigation has revealed that the three profiles are suspected of being fictitious profiles and have been removed from the platform.”

The social network removes an average of half a billion fictitious and fake profiles a month. However, the mode of operation of the profiles in question raises concerns about a new pattern: the use of fictitious profiles operated from abroad (and therefore, their operatives are beyond the reach of the Israel Police) in order to publish incitement against the prime minister, when allegedly written by protesters However, at this time it is not clear who is really behind these profiles: protest activists, one of whom is the one who revealed the profiles; elements on behalf of the Likud or the prime minister, who are known for their sophisticated digital capabilities, or someone else entirely.


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