Facebook Lite returns to sender


Done with Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite. Due to the low usage, the iOS version is removed from the App Store.

Reports from several Facebook Lite users suggest that Facebook is about to discontinue its slimmed-down version of the social media app. That app has only been around since 2018, but according to the company itself, too little use was made of it to maintain Lite.

Facebook Lite

The advantage of Lite is that the application takes up a lot less space on your smartphone and therefore requires much less mobile data for videos and photos. According to iCulture, the Facebook Lite app has already disappeared from the App Store and it is therefore not possible to install it. Remarkable; the app seems to be still available for Android.

The company also had a Messenger Lite version and that too seems to have been spoiled from the iOS App Store. However, if you’ve ever had the application, you can still reinstall it.

Those who still use Lite today will receive a notification asking to switch to the full version of the social media app.


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