Facebook clears Bolsonaro supporters by order of judges! – The Daily Standard


The Brazilian Supreme Court has ordered Facebook to delete certain accounts of Bolsonaro supporters worldwide. These accounts would spread fake news, but also targeted Brazilian judges – these accounts would cause massive hate. Earlier this week, the judges had ordered Twitter and Facebook to block these accounts in Brazil. Both tech giants did that, but it was still possible via a VPN to the accounts on Facebook. Facebook disagrees with the Supreme Court ruling and is appealing!

In Brazil, there is a struggle between the judiciary and Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro, supported by the military, seems to want to gradually transform the country into an autocratic regime; his military friends are all fine with this. The judiciary appears to be a victim of Bolsonaro’s policy. On the internet, there are plenty of accounts that spread fake news to judges and even calls for resistance and more.

The Supreme Court is trying to stop hate speech through this form of censorship. However, Facebook employees do not agree at all with this decision. They fear that freedom of speech will be destroyed by such statements. The judges don’t care much about Facebook’s message, they have already fined the company, and if they have not deleted the accounts, the top of Facebook can report in court.

“Faced with the threat of criminal liability to an employee, we have no choice but to stick to the decision and block profiles worldwide.”

Still, Facebook Brazil will appeal, because they believe that this is simply not possible.

, The new court decision is extreme, threatening freedom of expression, falling outside Brazilian jurisdiction and conflicting with laws and case law around the world. ”

Brazil seems to be going the wrong way. In his way, Bolsonaro is trying to get an iron grip on the land, while the judiciary – which is his opponent – is trying to limit freedom of expression.

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