Facebook blocks profiles of Bolsonaro supporters after court ruling | NOW


Facebook followed the Brazilian Supreme Court’s order to block profiles of twelve Bolsonaro supporters on Saturday. The company reports in a statement. The accounts are said to maintain a network of fake news.

The Brazilian Supreme Court fined Facebook on 312,000 euros on Friday for failing to comply with a previous court order to block certain accounts of supporters of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro worldwide.

The accounts included business people and activists. They distributed fake news via the accounts. The owners of the profiles are under investigation.

The court previously determined that Facebook should block the accounts. On Thursday, however, judge Alexandre de Moraes ruled that Facebook and Twitter were not following the orders to block the accounts. The accounts were only blocked within Brazil. The accounts were still accessible with foreign IP addresses.

A Facebook spokesman called the order “extreme”. Freedom of expression is also threatened according to Facebook. However, the accounts are blocked because the company says it does not see an alternative.

Facebook will still appeal against the judgment of the judge. Bolsonaro also announced earlier this week that his government would take legal action against blocking the accounts.


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