Facebook blocks accounts of Brazilian presidential supporters


Facebook has begun complying with Brazil’s Supreme Court order to block the accounts of dozens of allies of far – right President Jair Bolsonaro, who are accused of spreading false news against judges in the country. According to the Supreme Court, the platform served as a platform for calls to launch a military coup against Congress and the Supreme Court. Despite the blocking of accounts, the social media giant has made it clear that this move poses a threat to free speech, and that it intends to appeal against the decision.

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In May, the judge ordered Facebook to block 12 accounts, and Twitter to block 16 more accounts. On Friday, the Brazilian court fined Facebook 1.92 million rials ($ 368,000) for refusing to block access to accounts from around the world, and agreed to block access to them from Brazil alone, and another 100,000 rials for each day of delay in making the decision.

Facebook said the court’s decision is extreme, and contrary to laws around the world: “Given the threat of criminal liability to local workers, we do not see at this point an alternative to enforcing the decision by blocking accounts worldwide, while petitioning the Supreme Court,” the statement said. There are Roberto Jefferson, the leader of the party loyal to the president, and Luciano Heng, one of the most well-known businessmen in Brazil.

Censorship on Facebook Photo: Shatterstock

Facebook and Twitter are under increasing pressure to address hate speech issues and false news. In July, Facebook blocked dozens of Facebook and Instagram accounts that it claimed were involved in creating “fabricated journalists ‘figures” and “users’ fortunes that are media networks.” She said she linked the accounts to employees at Bolsonaro’s offices, to his sons Eduardo and Flavio, and to others.


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