Face mask goes on in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, but where exactly?



In Amsterdam, it is mandatory to wear a mask in five places. The measure will be introduced in phases and will be the first to apply in the Red Light District, the Kalverstraat, on the Nieuwendijk and on the markets on Plein ’40 -’45 and Albert Cuypstraat.

The measure only applies to persons aged 13 and older. During the weekend, a special team will draw the attention to the mask. If you don’t have one in your pocket, you will receive one.

See here where mouth masks should be worn in Amsterdam:


In Amsterdam people will keep in close contact with colleagues in Rotterdam, where today at 06:00 the mouth mask requirement becomes valid in some places. According to the Rotterdam-Rijnmond safety region, the measure is in effect daily until 10 pm.

Also in the Maasstad you only have to wear a face mask if you are older than 13 years.

The obligation to contribute applies on the street and in shops in busy areas. This includes shopping areas the Lijnbaan, Meent, Nieuwe Binnenwegplein and Coolsingel. The measure also applies to the markets on the Visserijplein, the Afrikaanderplein, the Binnenrotte and the covered shopping centers Alexandrium and Zuidplein. Two other shopping centers, Keizerswaard and Binnenhof, may follow suit.

View here where mouth masks should be worn in Rotterdam:

In Amsterdam, people who do not comply with the mouth mask obligation must take into account a fine of 95 euros. However, offenders will not be thrown immediately.


“We are going to speak to people first and do everything we can to encourage them to voluntarily put on the mask in the designated areas,” said a spokesman for the security region yesterday. “Handing out fines is not an end in itself, we expect people to comply with the obligation to contribute, for their own health and that of others.”

The fine will also be 95 euros in Rotterdam, but even there it will initially remain with a warning.

A record number of new infections with the coronavirus were reported in Amsterdam yesterday. There were 149 new cases. The highest number since the start of the pandemic.

Seat of the fire

Rotterdam has recently been the largest seat of fire in the Netherlands. 116 new cases were identified between Monday and yesterday morning. Half of all corona patients currently in hospital are in Rotterdam or Amsterdam.


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