F1 responds to Hamilton’s criticism and comes up with guidelines for racism statement


Formula 1 has responded to the fierce criticism of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. The world champions felt let down by the sport in their fight against racism. The FOM now says that everything is better arranged for the statement in Great Britain.

The fierce criticism from Hamilton and Vettel has not left Formula 1 in the cold. In Austria, a joint statement was organized at the opening race to address the racism issue, but the following weekend, the statement’s execution was somewhat messy to say the least. There was a lot of uncertainty about the how, what and when regarding the statement. Some drivers didn’t get to their knees, didn’t get their ‘End Racism’ shirt on time or even arrived late. Things are better organized in Great Britain, FOM says.

To make the statement against racism at Silverstone better, Formula 1 has decided to open the pit lane 40 minutes before the race. Normally this only happens half an hour before time. A 30-second time window has also been set for the drivers to “demonstrate the importance of equality for all”, said Formula 1. The motorsport king class also heard Hamilton’s criticism that not every driver participated in the same way. the statement and has therefore now drawn up guidelines. This is done to make a strong and joint statement. Kneeling is still not mandatory, but seems to be advised.

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During the statement, the drivers are called to bend their knees, arms crossed, head facing, pointing to the text on the T-shirt, with your hand on the heart “or in any other way that the driver feels comfortable “. The statement will be made just before the British national anthem ‘God safe the Queen’ is played. After that, some Spitfire planes will fly over the circuit in honor of the UK health care system and their fight against the corona virus, Speedweek.


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