F1 Power Rankings: Hamilton almost perfect, Gasly beats Verstappen


The Grand Prix of Great Britain has been over for a while and that means that Formula 1 has also distributed its Power Rankings again. Lewis Hamilton received an almost perfect score for his spectacular finish, while Max Verstappen was defeated by Pierre Gasly.

After each Grand Prix, Formula 1 asks a five-person jury panel to rate each driver with a number between zero and ten. This is then averaged per driver, which then becomes the Power Ranking for that driver. This is then offset against the average of the next Grand Prix, and so on. The ten drivers with the highest average scores compete in the rankings of the Power Rankings.

Hamilton again attracted all the attention during the British Grand Prix. For a moment it seemed that a drama would unfold, but the reigning world champion managed to lead the car to victory with relatively few tears. “Hamilton is a tough man to beat. He judged his speed with the tarnished rubber perfectly to take his third win in a row.” The jury panel is full of praise for the Brit, but he does not receive a perfect score with a 9.8 this time.

Max Verstappen came fifth in the standings with a score of 9.0. The jury praises the ability of the Dutchman to keep Leclerc away while meanwhile not growing the gap with Bottas beyond ten seconds. “A fantastic effort,” said the verdict. “He couldn’t have gotten much out of his weekend. Anyone who thinks Red Bull threw away an easy win for Verstappen should take a look at where Valtteri Bottas and Carlos Sainz finished.”

In the Power Rankings, Verstappen had to lose against Charles Leclerc, Daniel Ricciardo and, yes, Pierre Gasly. The jury is full of admiration for the Frenchman’s seventh place and awards him the success after the difficult last season. “It is bittersweet how well Pierre Gasly will drive in 2020, given the difficulties he had last year. But at Silverstone, where he also had his most convincing result last year, he was in top form. In the last half of the race he managed to take seventh place with genuine speed. ” Check out the full top ten below:


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