Eyal Golan defeated: “No one hates to lose like me”


The Curling Singer Eyal Golan Returned to the field last weekend, to pursue one of his favorite hobbies, football. The singer played in the star game “The World Cup” which was held between singers and artists against the network of stars and the reality team. The curling singer who played alongside Moshe Peretz and Stefan Lager Played against the network of network stars among whom the singer’s son stood out in particular Liam Golan In the first public game against Dad.

Eyal Golan, Liam Golan (Photo: Niv Cohen)

So an impressive victory for the curling singer was not there, and even a jarring loss of 1: 3 in favor of the network stars and in favor of Golan Jr.. In a photo he uploaded to social media, Golan summed up the experience: “No one hates to lose like me, but this time it was different. The result really did not matter to me. The game itself was more important, to be on the field and play sports, and to break away from everything that happens now.”

Eyal Golan (Photo: Niv Cohen)Eyal Golan (Photo: Niv Cohen)

“Corona, demonstrations, right, left, network shaming and free hatred. I saw my fellow singers on the grass yesterday who were each excited by 60 people who were in the stands when we are used to thousands in our performances. But above all I was excited to close the circle and be on the same pitch with the beautiful boy This picture of me and his is like saying I did mine and now it’s you. I can tell you he’s a great football player, and a stunning singer but right now chooses not to do any of the things. I love you Daddy’s life. “

Father and son on the field. Liam and Eyal Golan (Photo: Niv Cohen)Father and son on the field. Liam and Eyal Golan (Photo: Niv Cohen)
Moshe Peretz (Photo: Niv Cohen)Moshe Peretz (Photo: Niv Cohen)
Stefan Lager (Photo: Niv Cohen)Stefan Lager (Photo: Niv Cohen)
Aki Avni (Photo: Niv Cohen)Aki Avni (Photo: Niv Cohen)
Oshri Cohen (Photo: Niv Cohen)Oshri Cohen (Photo: Niv Cohen)


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