‘Extra sacrifice threatens for Verschaeren’


When Anderlecht starts the season next weekend in Mechelen, Yari Verschaeren seems to have at best a role as a substitute. The 19-year-old Red Devil had to face RWDM with the invaders last weekend and was allowed to barely stand up against Lille with the A-team for just five minutes. And more bad news threatens.

Anderlecht still want to extend the Verschaeren contract, after Kana, Sardella, Amuzu and Colassin signed earlier this summer. His current agreement runs until 2022, but Anderlecht wants to contribute to that for a few more years. But Het Laatste Nieuws knows that Verschaeren will not have to count on a salary increase.

At his previous contract extension in 2019, Verschaeren already received very high wages and that is why the board does not want to give him even more allowance. The management of Verschaeren had hoped for that. Nevertheless, it is expected that there will not be too many problems to reach an agreement.

POLL: Logical that Verschaeren does not get any storage?


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